Waste Management

      Wastewater from the production process or a water Vena can be used as a farmer. Soil conditioning substances to add nutrients to the soil and Biogas can be used to produce electricity.

Fertilizer (water, Venus)
    Is a substance derived from the fermentation process using high-quality yeast strains from India. Saccharomyces. The change Cerevisiae yeast. Glucose molasses As ethanol to produce biofuels to replace water additives in gasoline octane num
ber by the fermentation broth.
The separation of ethanol distilled out and will include key elements nutrients secondary Nu-
trient supplement as well as organic matter necessary for growth.
Growth of sugarcane plants and general This will help to
improve soil to add nutrients.
And increase productivity for all types of resort

Major elements
         Major nutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) potassium (P).
         Secondary nutrients calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) Sulfur (S).
         That iron supplement (Fe), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn), copper (Cu) Boron (Bo) Cobalt (Co).
         Organic matter acids, vitamins Mick Hill.

Useful properties of substances and improve soil
   1. With plant nutrients and secondary nutrients and major nutrients plants need nutrient supplements.
   2. Add organic matter to soil The soil fertility.
   3. Strength to plant the plants immunity from insects.
   4. Optimize the use of chemical fertilizer plant optimization.
   5. Fine soils suitable for plant growth.
   6. Help improve soil structure and cause soil resolution.
   7. Can help soil moisture retention for up to plant more.
   8. Help increase crop yield.
   9. Reduce production costs. Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

    Things to consider before and careful soil improvement substance are as follows.
      1. Should add substance to improve soil at the rate recommended because of excessive amounts may lead to salinity pro-
       blems within 3-4 years after
      2. Do not use local traditional consecutive long time, if possible, the original use of space in the space of one year and then have        another name.
      3. Do not use in the area. Nature of the detention basin. Because of the growing plant death or no growth. Due to the                 accumulation of excessive amount of nutrients.
      4. Do not use in areas with high humidity and soil areas near water sources because the substance may improve soil water     was        flowing

   If stored substances to improve soil and water to pour on fried green card and annual crops should be stored in the appro-
priate section of the storage containers and storage locations.
Rules and therefore steps.
   1. Storage tanks should be plastic and the cap entirely to prevent loss by leakage out of the containers.
   2. Vena to collect water in a tank. Space should be left in the tank at least 10% of the total area. And should be open for ventilation in the tank at least three times a week.
   3. Need to check the tank regularly.
   4. Location must be stored in an area not to flood. And away from water sources of not less than 50 meters.
   5. Storage facilities must be ventilated at all times. Should be filled with sand 2-3 m thick for easy cleaning
   6. Be careful not release water from the storage container cleaning substances to improve soil water

Waste management keep Amgylchedd
  Use of soil improvement.
Need to be careful not to impact any environmental conditions. Should be managed appropriately as follows.
  1.The amount of the appropriate type of crops, soils and Farm Size.
Do not use more than the amount prescribed.
  2.Check weather conditions before each add substance to improve soil erosion when heavy rains improved soil substances.   The resulting loss of soil improvement substance and may lead to substance problems improve soil flows into nearby  water sources.



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