EPC hand gel
          Special washing gel. Species do not rinse out. Reduce the accumulation of bacteria well without harm to the skin and helpDeodorant well. Gel dry faster. Not sticky, and contains new Moisturizer helps to moisturize the skin without drying.

          Biogas from the process of degrading organic matter in water. Waste yeast by microorganisms under oxygen-free con-
Can be used as renewable energy, which can Produced from waste and wastewater from agricultural industries inclu-
ding gas gas
Methane (Methane, CH4), and 50-70 percent carbon dioxide (CO2) 30-50 percent of the remaining gas Other types of biogas renewable fuel volume is 0.55 cubic meters a liter, which applies to Boiler to produce steam for the dis-
tillation of ethanol.

         Water management in Thailand waste yeast.
Most systems use biogas fermentation treatment and has returned to the gas source Energy

          with the distillery slop from the ethanol plant will be suitable for biogas production because of the volume
  Higher than other wastewater from agro-industry investment system for industrial gas ethanol has a payback period
of approximately 23.5.
Depending on the system. Water quantity and quality of waste yeast Recovery and utilization.

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