Production Process

Fermentation process
        The yeast species used for fermentation is called Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is of high quality, originating from India. It is cultivated and propagated before feeding into the fermentor tanks. The diluted molasses will be delivered into the fermentor tanks for continuous fermentation through 6 fermentor tanks. Yeast will play its role in changing glucose contain-ed in molasses to ethanol. Fermented wash from the fermentation process will yield alcohol around 10 - 11% V/V.

Distillation process

        Fermented wash will be fed into 6 different distillation columns to produce ethanol of industrial and drinking grade.
Dehydration process

        This process is to remove water from alcohol 95% to achieve the purity of 99.85%. Ethanol derived from distillation process is fed into Recovery column and 2 sets of molecular sieves whose technology originates from Zeochem, Switzerland.

Power supply

         Energy consumed in the production comes from the boiler with the capacity of 42 tons per hour and the pressure of 34 kg per cm2, fueled by low-sulfur coal in combination with an ESP lampblack to diminish air pollution. Steam coming
out of the boiler will be sent to 3 MW Turbine generator for producing electricity and use in the plant.

Main storage
        Under the company’s quality policy, there are 3 storage tanks made of stainless steel with the storage capacity of 12,000,000 liters. Nitrogen system is also used for maintaining the goods of finest quality before selling to customers.

Quality assurance

       Quality check is provided in every step of production process, from molasses to ethanol, to ensure the finest quality before selling to customers.
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