Environmental Policy

        According to ISO 14001: 2004, the company declares the environmental policy for every employee to take action as follows.
1. Be aware of efficient use of energy and resources with the least negative effect on the environment.
2. Upgrade the environmental management system on a regular basis to avoid pollution.
3. Comply with all applicable law and regulations to be in accordance with the environmental management system      ISO     14001: 2004.      
4. Prevent air and water pollution by setting up objectives and goals and undertaking regular reviews.
5. Prepare the document for all employees and community to acknowledge.

Future Project

   The following byproducts from the ethanol production are very eneficial to take advantage of.
1.Wastewater from ethanol distillation passing through an anaerobic digestion process in which organic substances are
    digestdby bacteria and finally transformers in biogas.
2.Wastewater used ofr producing bio-liquid fertilizers and soil conditioners, which are rich in natural nutrients and also safe
    for the environment.
3.Yeast cells from fermentation process used in cosmetics and animal food industry.
4.Acetic acid, Aectaldehyde, Ethyl Acetate and Mono Ethylene Glycol obtained from ethanol production.
5.Liquid CO2 produced from carbon dioxide gas in the fermentation rocess for beng used in the frozen-food industry.

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